Student voice improves teacher impact

Verso’s unique Instant Check-in uses supervised machine learning to reveal student understanding and wellbeing during the lesson


Teacher clarity improves student wellbeing

Students who can clearly explain what they are learning in a Verso Check-in feel 60% more positive


Verso delivers measurable impact

Running Verso Check-ins consistently in class improves student understanding of the learning focus by 51%

The simplest way to honor every voice in the classroom

Co-designed with students; Verso’s Instant Check-in tool is simple and easy to use

Get started with Verso in 3 simple steps

Recent updates from the Verso team

Are you data wise?

Using Verso to be Data Wise in PLCs A large part of our work is focused on using research-based protocols to equip school leaders, coaches and teachers with the confidence and skills required to use student reflection data to inform high quality teaching and learning.  We have found that by organizing this work around the…

Building learning power through meaningful collaboration: Vocabulary-focused classrooms

Working in partnership with social studies learning specialists in South Carolina, we were given the task of supporting students in using high level contextual vocabulary when writing, demonstrating understanding or discussing their learning. The district wanted to use this strategy as part of a broader initiative to build learning power in students through meaningful collaboration,…

A Glimpse Under the Hood of Verso’s Supervised Machine Learning

It is critical to the process of learning that students have the same understanding as the teacher in terms of what is going on in any lesson and what they should be learning as a result of doing. Without this critical insight, students become confined in a world of completion and compliance. It is important…

Kind words about Verso

Candace Lane

“We want to establish the student reflection tool as a fundamental piece of our teacher practice, self-reflection, and implementation to increase student voice/feedback to impact instruction”

Ms Candace Lane

Executive Director for Middle Schools, Horry County Schools, South Carolina

Travis Dangstorp

“The Check-in Dashboard revealed to me the difference between the student perception and the reality of their self-assessment, by seeing what students have written it is a lot clearer as to what support they need”

Travis Dangstorp

Learning Specialist, Brighton Secondary College

John Hattie

“Verso has the best classroom data I have ever worked with”

John Hattie

Author of Visible Learning & Laureate Professor

Emma Wassan

“The Verso Check-in actually helps me feel more relaxed as a teacher and be more clear and focused, to know what I did and to know what impact I have. Verso gives me greater clarity around what I need to do next”

Emma Wassan

Leading Teacher, Vic DET

Nina Laitala

“Verso aligns with VicSRC priorities to support students’ mental health, wellbeing and learning, by empowering student voice in all aspects of their learning”

Nina Laitala

Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Student Representative Council Ltd (VicSRC)

David Cupolo

“Using Verso as a reflective practice tool has provided our students with voice and agency, which in turn has built confidence for our teachers to discuss their impact and focus their PD at the point of most need”

Mr David Cupolo

Principal, St James’ Intermediate School, Horry County, South Carolina