Use Verso to increase student engagement and develop critical & creative thinking skills.

Verso is an online resource designed for K-12 teachers to maximize impact. Verso makes it quick and easy to boost student engagement, increase classroom collaboration, improve literacy outcomes and develop students critical and creative thinking while measuring student progress and growth to enable personalization of learning.

Equitable, collaborative structures and pedagogical tools that increase the level of student discourse and improve academic engagement.

Deliver evidence based, high-impact lessons in every class, gain authentic visibility on learning and use post lesson reflection data

Connect with colleagues to access new ideas for your classroom, share lessons, receive feedback and browse the Verso libraries of curated high-impact lessons.
Verso’s suite of pedagogical focused tools, exemplar activities, strategies and structures have been designed to support teachers in addressing the challenge of engaging and re-engaging students more deeply in their learning.

Pedagogical tools to activate the voice, agency and leadership of every student

Evidence based resources to boost collaboration

Real-time feedback on engagement levels and learning
Watch this video to learn how Verso can help you improve student engagement, maximize learning outcomes and increase college and career-readiness.

Verso Benefits

Academic Engagement
Use collaborative structures to increase student engagement in learning
Build Literacy Skills
Measure and track academic language to develop student’s use of Tier 2 & 3 vocabulary
Metacognition & Feedback
Have students reflect upon and discuss their learning, providing feedback for teachers
Critical & Creative Thinking
Build student’s capacity to articulate their thinking and engage in rich discussion
Collaborate With Colleagues
Share lessons and access the most effective teaching
Maximize Impact
Embed evidence-based, high-impact teaching in every lesson
Visible Learning
Evidence of every students learning delivers formative assessment for personalization of instruction
Deep Learning
Create lessons that deepen student engagement in learning, challenging students to think critically

Verso supports teaches with quick and easy to implement high-impact strategies that engage students.

Download the infographic to learn about these evidence-based strategies, and how they will help your students collaborate in class.

Hear it directly from our educators


"By capturing student thinking, and allowing critique of that thinking, Verso is a powerful platform for quickly taking students to deep levels of engagement and understanding."

Principal Caroline Crisholm College

"My constant challenge is to engage the students, have them think critically, ensure all students are active learners and provide individual feedback.....Verso is the answer!"

Grade 9 Teacher

“I have worked a lot with Verso, interrogated their data, and most impressed with what they have to offer.”

Author of Visible Learning & Laureate Professor

“Students go from surface knowledge of a subject to deeper levels of synthesis in one 60 minutes period.”

Curriculum Director Horry County District

“Our students are asking better questions now; they’re collaborating and providing feedback by commenting on other student’s posts. Students who were previously reluctant have found their voice.”

Superintendent, Freehold Township

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Multiple Teachers

Plan Benefits


($59 Annual)

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Teacher and Student Features

Built-in pedagogical tools that increase academic engagement and classroom collaboration

Academic language tracking to build student literacy skills and provide visibility of every student’s learning for personalized instruction

Feedback prompts & exit tickets to develop metacognition and encourage student reflection on their learning

Guided activity builder to develop students capacity for critical & creative thinking

Dashboard of real-time classroom measures and student response tracking provides visibility on learning

Collaborate with colleagues - Share lessons and access the most effective teaching practices from your peers

Maximize your impact - Embedded high-impact teaching strategies tailored to you that maximize your impact

Deep thinking - A high-impact activity library to create lessons that deepen engagement and build critical thinking

A library of expert created collaborative structures to increase student engagement

4 max



Number of Activities

5 max



Number of Classes (Unlimited Students)

5 max



Access to High-Impact Structures (On & Offline)

4 max



Personalised & Embedded Professional Learning

School and District Features

Professional Learning Delivery & PLC's

Curated Content & Structures

Administration Functions & Customised Reporting

Leadership & Professional Development Training

Customisable School & District Activity Library

Branding & Customisation