Leadership Team




Colin began his career in K-12 Education Technology in 1999, when he co-founded the UK-based UniServity, the company that designed and produced one of the first Learning Management Systems. The UniServity LMS was accredited by the UK Government Learning Platform framework and soon became the product of choice for close to 100 school districts across England.


For the past seven years Colin has been based in Melbourne, Australia, where he founded Learnology, a company focused on a pedagogy-first approach to the implementation of education technology and professional learning tools.


Two years ago Colin and his team set out to design a new suite of mobile web tools that would support visible change in schools. A new company was formed, Verso Learning, which today supports thousands of schools in over 100 countries. As a board member for SIF AU, Colin advocates for better data standards and protocols.









Phil has extensive expertise in the global education sector, having worked on innovative projects with schools, education systems and government departments in the UK, the USA, China, Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region. He is a regular presenter at conferences around the world, both as an educator and as Education Director for a range of global education companies.


His focus is on the use of mobile technologies, feedback and data, and the development of effective pedagogical approaches capable of changing relationships between and among students and teachers. Phil has spent the last few years working closely with leading educational thinkers, classroom practitioners and students in the USA and Australia to develop his own unique and pedagogically sound response to the challenges and opportunities presented by the phenomena that is flipped learning.