Everyone’s talking about Verso and what it has done for their students and teachers.

Take a look:




“It’s safe to say that at least 20 or 30 percent of the students who will participate with Verso wouldn’t otherwise do so. With an environment that is anonymous, the more reserved students are now willing to take a risk and put themselves on the line both from an intellectual and emotional standpoint, and let their classmates evaluate their responses without knowing who said it.”


Kevin Zahner, History Teacher, Denton High School, Denton Independent School District


“Verso Campus has provided a valuable tool for staff to share resources and the learning that is taking place in their classrooms with other members of staff. It has provided each of us with a means of seeing what other teachers are doing and learning from one another as a professional learning community.”




Dr. James Pietsch, Dean of Professional Development and Learning—St. Luke’s Grammar School



“As a campus administrator and instructional leader, I am currently using Verso to improve professional development access by providing my faculty a flipped learning experience. Bottom line, Verso helps to support my effectiveness as a leader, and in turn provides a format that is likewise more engaging and efficient for my staff.”




Debbie Cano, Principal, McNair Elementary, Denton Independent School District