Verso Learning is an innovative, global education company where pedagogy meets technology.


Empowering schools and districts to make data informed decisions that build capacity in teaching and improve student outcomes. Verso believes the learning experience of every student should become a learning experience for the school.




verso-lego-logo Verso Learning is a global education company which grew out of Learnology, the company founded by Colin Wood, seven years ago. Learnology is an education company focused on a “pedagogy first” approach to the implementation of education technology and professional learning tools. Two years ago Colin and his team set out to design a new suite of mobile web tools that would support visible change in schools. A new company was formed, Verso Learning, which already supports thousands of schools in over 100 countries.

Verso develops solutions that activate learning based on the findings and beliefs of Michael Fullan, John Hattie, and Carol Dweck. Visit our RESEARCH page for more information on the findings of these innovators.



We are a catalyst for learning. We engage students.
We spark curiosity.


We experiment, question assumptions, and make technology approachable.



We combine practical teaching experience, research, and technology. We are reliable and authentic.

We understand that people learn differently. We are flexible and personal. We are open to new ideas.


We make learning fun and exciting. We are approachable and confident. We are transparent.


We believe in relationships and encourage collaboration.

Verso is currently in use by over 40000 teachers in 12000 schools worldwide.