Verso App

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The free Verso app allows students to utilize Verso Campus and participate with the class. Activate student voice, get authentic feedback, and personalize learning with our free cross-platform app. The short video below demonstrates the unique learning opportunities Verso app provides for learning in any environment.







  • Individual teachers use the Verso app to initiate thinking with rich media activities and peer anonymity.


  • Gain authentic feedback, supporting the transition from surface to deep learning with students’ discussion and in-app data.


  • Personalized instruction, easily identified and respond to individual learning needs with the help of formative data.



“It’s safe to say that at least 20 or 30 percent of the students who will participate with Verso wouldn’t otherwise do so. With an environment that is anonymous, the more reserved students are now willing to take a risk and put themselves on the line both from an intellectual and emotional standpoint, and let their classmates evaluate their responses without knowing who said it.”



—Kevin Zahner, History Teacher, Denton High School, Denton Independent School District