Professional Campus Community


Verso Campus connects teachers with purpose through an online platform, building instructional capacity to activate student voice as a driver for deeper more personalized learning.


Library of Activities

Linked to the standards and designed to inspire teachers, using questioning strategies that activate thinking and transition students from surface to deep learning.




Identify What Works

Reveal effective teaching strategies and pedagogy leaders across each professional learning community filtered by curriculum and grade level.





Authentic Data and evidence from combining instructional strategies and student outcomes makes effective pedagogies visible.




Socialize Great Teaching

Connect teachers with purpose, easily reusing activities from colleagues within or across schools in professional learning communities of practice.




Adaptive Professional Development

Personalized PD modules designed to support each teacher in designing effective questioning strategies that activate learning, deepen student collaboration and make thinking visible.

With Verso, the learning experience of every student becomes a learning opportunity for each member of your professional learning community.



“Teachers in sight of colleagues learn from and with their peers. Sharing improves the quality of teaching as good ideas gain greater currency within a school.”


Prof. Stephen Heppell