Embedded Professional Learning


Verso supports teachers in activating student voice as a driver for deeper, more personalized learning in every lesson.




Deep Learning Goals

Develop the key learning dispositions in your students while teaching curriculum content. New engagement measures show how students’ are developing their six ‘C’s.


Critical Thinking




Transition To Common Core

Feedback to teachers from student engagement data helps continuously improve instructional design and provides visibility on strategies that get students to think critically.





Library of Activities
(Common Core Standards and State Standards)

Teachers add to the ready-made collection of higher-order questioning strategies designed to transition students from surface to deep learning. Strengthen key curriculum priorities to go deep in every classroom.




Scaffold For Deep Learning

Create opportunities for deep learning in every lesson. Students present original thinking before gaining access to their classmates’. With access to multiple ideas, teachers can transition students from surface to deep learning.


surface-deep-arrow-25 One Idea
Multiple Ideas
Relate Ideas
Extended and Apply






Cultivate Curiosity

Teachers are given feedback on the extent to which students engage in their activities. This feedback guides teachers in cultivating curiosity in their instructional design leading to deeper levels of engagement.





Growth Mindset

Verso creates a uniquely safe environment for students to take risks when presenting their ideas to class. With visibility on one another’s original thinking and peer feedback, students understand collaboration requires considered contribution and effort pays off.

“The goals of deep learning are that students will gain the competencies and dispositions that will prepare them to be creative, connected, and collaborative life-long problem solvers.”


Michael Fullan & Maria Langworthy

A Rich Seam: How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning, 2014