Academic Engagement


Verso shifts the ownership of learning, helping teachers activate the learner in every student (including ELL and Special Ed) across all curriculum areas and grade levels.



Original Thinking

Eliciting authentic evidence of learning from every student is essential for any personalized learning strategy.



Build confidence, take risks

With peer anonymity, every learner has the opportunity to build confidence, share their ideas and make their thinking visible. Verso provides less confident students (ELL and Special Ed) new opportunities for learning.




Peer Feedback & Coaching

Students receive immediate feedback from their classmates’ connecting with the ideas and not their friends, activating students as learning resources for one another.




Student Questioning

Students shape and refine their own lines of inquiry. Developing their questions to better arrive at the learning intention.




Engagement Scores

Students can see to what extent they are responding, collaborating and providing positive to feedback to their peers.





Any Device

A cloud-based platform available from all app-stores and recent browsers, students can access anywhere anytime.

“It’s safe to say that at least 20% or 30% of the students who will participate with Verso wouldn’t otherwise do so. With an environment that is anonymous, the more reserved students are now willing to take a risk and put themselves on the line both from an intellectual and emotional standpoint, and let their classmates evaluate their responses without knowing who said it.”


Kevin Zahner, History Teacher
Denton High School, Denton Independent School District