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Verso Campus is the ultimate Professional Services tool for schools. When coupled with our professional services, educators are immersed in the research behind the tools and exposed to fantastic new learning opportunities.


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Questioning Strategies:

Higher-Order Skills


Changing the Culture

of the Classroom


Professional Learning

Networks and Communities





Questioning Strategies: Higher-Order Skills





Part I: Activating Student Voice

Michael Fullan states that schools face a critical challenge as students become disaffected with traditional learning and are increasingly drawn to the compelling opportunities presented by social technologies. As Fullan states, our mission has to be to make learning irresistible, and he believes that technology is the key.


This workshop will demonstrate how teachers around the world are adopting simple strategies, with a particular emphasis on high quality questioning and the use of feedback, to transition students from surface to deep learning.


Participants will leave with practical strategies for shifting the ownership of learning from teacher to student, along with ways to apply them to ongoing professional learning. This will allow teachers, school, and system leaders to meet the challenge of whole-school improvement as a collective endeavor.

Part II: Flipped Thinking, Deep Learning

As respected spokespersons on flipped learning, the Verso team has spent the last three years working with leading practitioners around the world before developing a unique and pedagogically sound response to the challenge and opportunities presented by the flip.


Our approach draws upon the work of leading educationalists including Alan November – Who Owns The Learning?, John Hattie – Visible Learning, Carol Dweck – Mindset, and Michael Fullan – New Pedagogies For Deep Learning. Alongside flipped learning pioneers Prof. Eric Mazur, Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams and Ramsay Musallam.




Changing the Culture of the Classroom





This interactive workshop will draw on research exploring the role of feedback in the cycle of teacher and student inquiry. It will critically examine contemporary theories and practice to reveal effective feedback strategies (teacher to student, peer to peer, and critically from student to teacher) capable of improving the quality of learning and teaching.


The workshop will model strategies for developing student capacity to give and receive feedback and will demonstrate how authentic feedback mechanisms are essential if we are to raise attainment, develop key learning dispositions and change relationships between and among students and teachers.

“The mistake I was making was seeing feedback as something teachers provided to students. It was only when I discovered that feedback was most powerful when it is from the student to the teacher that I started to understand it better.”


–John Hattie, Visible Learning, 2009





Professional Learning Communities: A Collective Response to Change





This workshop looks at strategies for building professional capital in your school. It models innovative professional learning practices designed to socialize the context for professional development, growth, and innovation.  These practices develop a culture of systemness supporting whole school change, rather than patches of brilliance in isolated classrooms.


The session will focus on the use of authentic teacher voice, focused collaboration, and change as a persistent collective enterprise.

“Teachers who work together, collectively and collaboratively to understand their impact, have the biggest affect on learning.”


–John Hattie




“As a campus administrator and instructional leader, I am currently using Verso to improve professional development access by providing my faculty a flipped learning experience. Bottom line, Verso helps to support my effectiveness as a leader, and in turn provides a format that is likewise more engaging and efficient for my staff.”


— Debbie Cano, Principal, McNair Elementary, Denton Independent School District