Verso Learning App Case Study: Verso at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

13 Dec Verso Learning App Case Study: Verso at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

Verso Learning App Case Study: Lauren Sayer at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

Lauren currently leads pedagogical direction as Head of Teaching and Learning with the Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute.  In this role she is working with a team of educators to implement evidence based innovative pedagogical models to support chronically ill children across Victoria

At the Royal Children’s Hospital, we are about to join a small group of schools from around the world that have been selected to trial Verso, a mobile learning application designed to offer visibility on student learning and support teachers in bridging the gap between knowing and doing. As a centre of innovation I see the pilot as part of our ongoing mission to embrace mobile learning as a means to give students voice, to make learning visible and to blur the distinction between formal and non-formal learning whilst empowering teachers to respond to mission critical student feedback.Verso Learning App Case Study: Lauren Sayer at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

Verso will allow our teachers to create, curate and assign challenges drawn from their YouTube channels or Google Drive, or challenges created on the go using familiar technologies such as the camera or audio recording functions on their mobile devices.  This represents a significant step forward as the familiarity of the technology makes it accessible to all teachers and not just the usual early adopters and known innovators.

Verso affords unique visibility on learning for both teachers and the students, allowing every learner to have a voice and an opportunity to provide lesson-changing feedback to their teacher. Being able to create as well as curate means that teachers can respond to feedback gained from working with our students by creating relevant, responsive and inspiring podcasts, videos or even better; having a student do it, using just their mobile phone or iPad.
Truly Mobile Learning

On my way to work I can open Verso on my mobile phone and run through student responses. I can add my own comments and view data on the quantity, and peer-assessed quality of student comments. When I next meet with my students, I will arrive fully aware of their questions, ideas, misconceptions and what they are revealing to be their individual learning requirements. I will know what I need to do to move every learner forward having used Verso to filter responses to reveal key teaching points, student groupings, potential group leaders and conversation starters.

Students who are working in small groups or alone can open Verso, read, think and respond to the views and questions submitted by their peers, not just within the hospital but potentially their classmates back at school.

Just too cool for school!

We will be keeping you updated on this  pilot, along with narratives from other schools involved in this exciting project.

In the meantime, with the generous support of Amalgamated Holdings Limited, The  RCH Education Institute and Media Saints have created the Create, Explore, Learn app to share the hospital’s unique art and design with children in homes and schools all around the world.

Lauren and her team encourage you to use your imagination to create your own wonderful artworks, to explore the vibrant spaces and places of The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and to learn about the artists, designers, zoo keepers and divers who all contribute to make the RCH a truly great hospital.

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